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Improving Global Governance for Development: Issues and Instruments Conference
7-10 December 2002, Chiang Mai

From 7-10 December 2002 the EU-LDC Network organised a conference on Improving Global Governance for Development: Issues and Instruments. The conference was organised by the EU-LDC Network Secretariat and the Centre of European Studies at Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, which is one of the Regional Focal Groups of the Network. The conference brought together around 45 policy-makers, academics and representatives of civil society organisations from developing and developed countries. The discussions focussed on issues related to global governance in general, while a number of sessions concentrated on certain governance instruments for development.

The papers, presentations and summaries of the sessions can be found in each of the session pages as follows:

Part I - Globalisation and developing countries:

Part II - Instruments of Global Governance: Lessons from 'new' governance initiatives



  Opening session

Session 1.1
Session 1.2

Session 1.3

Session 2.1

Session 2.2

Session 2.3

Session 2.4
  Session 2.5
  Session 2.6

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