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EU-LDC Brief

The EU-LDC Brief is a publication containing articles that provide more in-depth coverage on specific Network themes and topics, including specially commissioned contributions. Below you can download pdf files from the EU-LDC Briefs that have been published. To receive future EU-LDC Briefs in hardcopy or by electronic mail, please go to subscribers info.

EU-LDC Brief No. 5, August 2003
PDF file
Paving the road to Cancun


· Introduction
· Special and Differential Treatment: What's in it for LDCs?
· TRIPS: What is at stake for LDCs in Cancun?
· Acceding LDCs need fair treatment
· LDCs perspective on Market Access for Non-agricultural Products
· LDCs interests in agriculture and Cancun Ministerial: Yet another disappointing wait?
· Trade and environment: The missing agenda of LDCs
· EU-LDC Network Conference: Call for Papers



EU-LDC Brief No. 4, April 2003
PDF file
Improving Global Governance for Development: Issues and Instruments


· Introduction
· Conditionality
· Sovereign Debt Work-Out
· International Financial Standards & Codes (S&Cs)
· Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA)
· Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
· Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs)
· Integrated Framework



EU-LDC Brief No. 3, September 2002
PDF file
Ensuring future ACP-EU trade agreements effectively promote ACP development


Summary of a discussion on the  negotiations between the EU and ACP countries for Economic Parntership Agreements. The discussion was held on the EU-LDC website in May and June 2002. 

EU-LDC Brief No. 2, July 2002
PDF file
Global governance and poverty reduction


· Introduction
· Global Public Goods: opportunities and threats, by Keith Bezanson
· Comment: who needs Global Public Goods anyway?, by Sebastiaan Princen
· Global Governance for an independent and poverty-free globe: revisiting the challenges, by M.J.H. Jabed
· A northern NGO view on global governance imbalances, by Myriam Vander Stichele
· Global governance and the reform of multilateral institutions, by Heba Abou Schnief
· Global governance of the WTO, by Naboth van den Broek
· TRIPS, pharmaceuticals and health: a third world perspective, by Veena Mishra
· The role of the WTO in global governance - some comments, by Nora Plaisier
· EU objectives and actions, by Robin Ratchford
· New ideas on international governance, by Willem Molle
· Enhancing developing country voice in IFIs, by Rt Hon Clare Short MP
· Conclusion

EU-LDC Brief No. 1, November 2001
PDF file
Trade and poverty reduction


· Background and overview of findings
· Developing country perspective on a new WTO round
· The European Union perspective on a new WTO round
· Trade in goods: agriculture and textiles
· Trade in services
· New agenda items: investment and competition policy
· Trade and poverty reduction, some concluding remarks…
· More global economic dependence needs more global political governance